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Wilmot Breeden Key



I am in the process of restoring a Daimler Ferret Mark 1 and have found that my ignition switch is locked. From reading around on the internet I understand the key is a Wilmot Breeden Key. From the attached picture you can see it has "9" at one point and "18" at the opposite end. Does

any one have a spare key, or any information on where I can find the correct key so that I can unlock the ignition?


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It looks to me as though the key is broken off in the lock - have you tried extracting the blade part of the key with, for example, a pair of fine-nosed pliers?

If you can get it out, it will be a fairly simple job to get a key cut to match.



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It doesn't look like there is a broken key to me. The left of the keyway is empty and the right is showing the pins.


My Saracen is not fitted with a keyway, but I guess that, failing anything else, you can disassemble the panel and remove the barrel from the lock.




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