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WW1 commemorative airshow 10th August 2014

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Just a quick heads up on Sunday 10th of August the Shuttleworth Collection in Biggleswade, Bedfordshire are holding a WW1 commemoration airshow with visiting acts such as a fokker triplane replica, DH2 replica, Be2 replica, as well as the home based Bristol f2b, Avro504k, Sopworth pup, and Se5a which has recently had it's original colours reinstated as it wore when it shot down a fokker DVII on the 10th of November 1918. Also the based replicas of Bristol m1c and Be2e pair will also fly weather permitting. The collection's Crossley staff car will be joined by several vintage lorries and a replica mkIV tank on the ground. I look forward to seeing some of you there





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We had a fair turnout yesterday for a difficult show, the forecast was awful and fortunately a lot of people decided to chance it and were rewarded with the sight of 4 Great war trucks, a B type bus, a replica MKIV tank, re-enactors and all of the collections WW1 aircraft in one hangar with no barriers around them to allow the best access possible and two Sopwith camel replicas together in another hangar. We also got some of the collection's period vehicles out, the Crossley staff car, 1914 Clayton and Shuttleworth traction engine (which saw service with the war department), 1913 Morris Oxford, 1898 Panhard, 1904 Aurora and 1921 Triumph motorcycles and the 1919 Austin tractor ( I look after it and it's only a year late and really reliable on a wet day). The magnificent Dawn Patrol radio controlled aircraft group brought around 20 1/3 scale aircraft with them and gave two displays ( one cut short by the weather). We had to accept the wind and rain was too much for our aircraft and so we abandoned plans to fly and displayed the vehicles in front of the hangars for the public and I was very grateful to be given the chance to drive Steve's Dennis, which was a personal highlight for me.














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We held a short commemorative service outside Hangar 8 with all the vehicles lined up alongside our SE5a with re-enactors and a bugler playing the last post, and the Sopwith camel replica from Brooklands carried out a short engine run during the day.








Thank you again to everyone who turned up and we'll try it again and hopefully the weather plays ball next time.







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