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I live in northern California and am just groping around the new (for me) world of military vehicle collecting. My curent targets are a Fox and/or a Scorpion. I'm a retired engineer and lifelong automotive hobbiest, and Anglophile, and thus hope to transfer those skills to the MV world; starting out with a Jaguar engine seemed like a "logical" decision....


Any clues, referrals, links or advice gratefully received


Alan Watkins

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Dear Alan,


Welcome to the friendly forum.


I too am and anglo, from over'home now transplanted to Canada.


I work for a collection that has both types of vehicles you talk about but in no way am I any kind of expert.


The Fox is a bit of an orphan for parts these days. Tales of top heavyness are rife, they do feel different.


The Generation 1 CVR(T) with the Jag engine are getting up in price if you have something with a turret.


It really depends what your expectations are as an owner as to the longevity of the vehicles.


Inspection prior to purchase is key these days, there are plenty around who will do it for you if you dont know what you are looking for.



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