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Greetings from sunny California

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Hello there. My name is Pavl, I work for the university of California as a telescope technician and I've just been bitten by the armour bug in earnest.

I've owned a few MVs over the years: A Ford GPW which was too small, a M35 which was too big, and a M37 which was a good size but somehow cursed. I had sold a few cars off recently and a friend sends me a link and says you must need something here, it's the link for the Littlefield auction happening right near where I live. I was amused but didn't seriously consider going as I had to work and then just the night before the auction I decided I just had to check out this once in a lifetime collection! Between not having time to do research and move money and just being intimidated I came come empty-handed but with a need for some armor.


I sat in a few things that day that were completely irrational to even consider but also a few things that I thought might work for me.

CVR(T) Samson

Ferrett MK2

Hochkiss 22-2

M113-1/2 Lynx

Dragoon AFV

So, now I'm on the prowl for the most expensive, least useful vehicle I'll likely ever own and since I seem drawn to British armour of course I landed here.

I've spent many hours pouring over relevant posts and owe you all a great deal of thanks for your informative contributions to these forums and hope the barrier of a common language won't make me sound any more uninformed than I actually am.


Also: yes, I will never forgive myself for letting some of thoes olive-drab lovelies go so cheaply.

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Welcome. I live in California as well. very far north inland from Eureka on hwy 299. The wheeled versions of armor are the easiest to move around. I have a Scorpion CVRt and a Abbot. I move them with Equipment trailers. needs Class A licenses. if you get a ferret or halftrack. you can pull them around on a car trailer with a big enough pickup. Good Luck

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