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Early actic windproof smock.

boots dms

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Picked up this well used, but essentially sound dpm arctic windproof smock for a fiver:-).It is the earlier late 70,s early 80,s type , it has rank tabs front and rear,and no field dressing pocket on the right arm.The material is the lighter, both in feel and look fabric. . It has been fitted with cuffs at some stage.Sadly the label is no longer there, however it still retains the manafacturers factory labels ( pictured) which I have also seen in early 68 smocks,showing machinist,size,lay and serial number,it has three of these ,one in the top left chest pocket and a couple inside the smock.These small labels are faded but I can just make out a 5 next to the size which confirmed the date of the smock more or less for me.Although a bit battered and worn(like me), its a nice addition as I don,t have an early one like this,or at least I did,nt until now.IMG_0960.jpg




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Nice buy for a fiver! A shame the label has gone, but then it might have cost a good deal more... Great though that there is a 5 sizing on the small label. A really hard piece to find in any condition.


These are becoming pretty rare now in any condition,so I am pleased to obtain one.As you say shame about the label but it does fill a gap in the collection.I stumbled across this quite by chance,so they are about,just a case of being in the right place at the right time I suppose:-)

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