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Bedford MWD ignition



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Firing order is 1-5-3-6-2-4. Turn engine over to top dead centre on number one cylinder (nearest front of engine) - there is a ball bearing set into the edge of the flywheel which aligns with a marker in the bell-housing - line these up with number one cylinder at the top of the compression stroke - both valves closed, or if rocker cover is still on, feel for compression with your finger over the spark plug hole. Now note position of rotor arm against distributor cap - this is where lead to number one cylinder screws in to cap. now simply screw rest of leads in to cap as per firing order - from memory I think direction of rotation is anti-clockwise, but this will be evident as you turn the engine to align timing marks. All should now be correct, and engine should run ok - if it does, number the plug leads before you take them off for any reason.


Hope this helps.


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