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dodge t 110 D60 L13

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here is some pic of my friend's dodge t 110 that we are restoring ,we are looking for some wheele cylinders and reparation kit it is pretty hard to find !! on the pic the cylinder is kind of weld with rust !

if anybody knows where i can find some it would be great ! and all information are welcome

thank you !


best Roger









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Last time I got Dodge stepped cylinders done at Past Parts the total was slightly more than buying brand new equivalents, but then I was getting a particular size reworked ( one ton Dodge ) that was not available as a new cylinder so the difference wasn't enough to concern me. I think I put new cylinders on one axle and the rebuilt ones on the other axle.


If anyone else has cylinder problems they might want to check the actual sizes of the cylinders. leading and trailing, front and back, because half and 3/4 ton WC military cylinders will do in many cases, according to users in the US. For example the 3/4 ton military cylinders are the same as the 1.5 ton civilian units, as that's what the military parts were borrowed from.


4 x 4 Dodges tend to have the same cylinders all round. 4 x 2 tend to start with the same cylinders all round, for example the 4 x 2 half ton, but rear cylinders get bigger with bigger rear hubs. It might be that a larger 4 x 2 truck with the same size hubs front and back could just use 3/4 ton military cylinders, which are freely available.


As with all brake - related stuff, take expert advice and check out the feasibility before doing anything rash ..... If in doubt pay the money and go with the original equipment professionally rebuilt.

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thank you Gordon for your expertise in fact the 4 cylinder have the same size but they are a bit larger than the US dodge

it does not matter how much it would cost has long has it is well done , i will contact past parts

best Roger

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Worth a try Roger.


The British called the T110L a three ton truck, but the Americans called it a 'light duty three ton'


The 'heavy duty three ton' truck was the VK / WK like Rick Jones VK62B bus or the Ashby's WK60.

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