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Saladin hull brackets



Getting closer to replacing the hull brackets and wheel stations, so I'd be grateful for advice from those who have done this.

EMER shows how to make a jig to put on the hull brackets first, with Araldite gaskets.


However my NOS RF wheel station has the hull brackets already attached, so I wonder if it would be reasonable to attach the hull brackets and torsion tubes and bars to the wheel stations first, and then offer the lot up to the hull. This would make sure that all the bolt holes line up, and might be simpler than the jig etc, but are their any drawbacks?


I also wonder if the Araldite gasket is considered important, since everything does seem to bolt together quite snugly.


Any advice greatly appreciated!


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I'm getting close to joining up hull brackets to NOS wheel stations and have hit a bit of a hurdle, so I'm hoping someone can help.


The lower links of the wheel stations have an O-ring, bush and an oil seal housing/cap, which is slightly different to the (older) ones I removed. The problem is that my hull brackets have metal sleeves pushed into their inner ends and this won't fit over the NOS set-up.

Hull brackets1.jpg

If I remove the caps the hull bracket will fit, somewhat loosely, but if I do this the metal sleeve would be separated from the bronze bush by only on O-ring, which doesn't seem very wear-resistant.

Hull Brackets2.jpg

If I (can) remove the metal sleeve this would leave a bit of a gap where it fitted, so at this stage I'm thinking I should cut or grind the metal sleeve flush, then fit the hull bracket over the caps.

Hull Brackets3.jpg

But this seems tantamount to butchery, so I'd greatly appreciate sage advice!



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