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Simca Marmon SUMB MH600BS No. 18595


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The truck is finally all paid for and on the move :) I was able to get it moved by the folks at Woolpit Garage and it is now with them to get steam cleaned and weld up the wheel arches and fix an oil leak in the engine/turbo seal (it was re-engined with a Volvo D24T and auto gearbox by the previous keeper). The V5 has been sent off with the engine change (which had not been previously notified) and I will go the "writteb confirmation on headed paper from a garage (see http://hmvf.co.uk/forumvb/showthread.php?46760-Changing-engine-number-without-reciept-(DVLA)&highlight=engine+change )" route if it is queried by DVLA. Hopefully I will be able to get the new doors, sides and windows fitted before it comes home as well since a 2nd and 3rd pair of hands will make it much easier!




Sorry for the poor quality phone photos !







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Had a bit of garage time today - one more problem to add to the list: brake reservoir is now empty (was ok in March when I originally looked at the vehicle) and looks like left rear wheel cylinder is leaking. I probably need a Bendix L621171 - they are on E-Bay in France but not shipping to the UK :( Does anyone have one on the shelf for sale before I call RR Services ?

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Had a bit of garage time today - one more problem to add to the list: brake reservoir is now empty (was ok in March when I originally looked at the vehicle) and looks like left rear wheel cylinder is leaking. I probably need a Bendix L621171 - they are on E-Bay in France but not shipping to the UK :( Does anyone have one on the shelf for sale before I call RR Services ?


I found another part number for these today but was impossible to find anyway. I see on ebay France like you said for 100 euro a pop :shocked:

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@ FESM_NDT: Thanks. Based on my last SUMB where the cylinders were OK but the seals are perished I'm hoping it will be just seals anyway. The ebay.fr listing is attractive because they are NOS - at that price I am really surprised that he won't post here.


@ Private MW: I know RR Services well from when I had a SUMB before - they hold less stock since they moved but they had one dismantled to the rolling chassis stage when I was there last on my way to the W&P revival.



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The chaps at Woolpit Garage have been busy and the donor doors (with later style good mirrors) and windscreen are fitted and the cab welding complete. The oil leak was the compressor oil drain pipe which is now properly attached.


General View of the cab & new windscreen



Right Front Wheel Arch



Right Front



Left Front



Left Front Wheel Arch



Left Behind Door



We still need to address the rotted floor where the old radio battery box leaked acid - there is very little left of the longditudinal metal and wood floor there





I'm planning to leave a square hatch there so a vertical mast taller than the rear body can be mounted there with the excess length below the floor - see the radio link SUMB photo at the top of the thread.


I also need to get the cab floor and engine cover refitted and install a decent heater - I bought a compact heater unit from e-Bay and I'm going to connect it direct to the windscreen vents where the U-shaped rubber pipe is.





The other work needed to get it on the road is to


1) Fix the leaking wheel brakes and adjust the parking brake


2) connect the proper fuel tank and get rid of the small gravity fed one used by the previous owner



3) Reconnect the high/low ratio lever to the transfer box


4) New lights and complete rewiring


5) New Tyres


They are now looking at the brakes (which seem to have drained their fluid through the right rear wheel cylinder since I first saw the truck in March). The rear cylinders part no. L621171 are available NOS from France on ebay.fr (but the seller won't ship to UK) - looking at the casting number on photos from e-Bay and my previous SUMB I think an equivalent Bendix part is 33396 used in the M35 Reo - I've ordered a set of 1 3/8 inch (35mm) seals. I also got a pair of of spare Reo M35 2.5 ton truck rear cylinders for very little money from the US as a backup. These are the same bore and stroke and according to a Bendix equivalents table on line although I am not convinced that the mounting holes are in the same place yet - we will see when the wheels come off although based on my previous SUMB it will just be perished seals - at £12 each it is worth the risk. We are going back to the garage on Tuesday to see how bad the brake problems are once the wheels are off.


I'm still undecided whether to get new hoops made and fit it out as a soft top or to get a box body - the RB44 ones at Witham are going for around £650 and I don't think there is much to choose cost wise - it really comes down to correctness vs comfort and security ! I hope to go and look at a RB44 body over the holiday (thanks Si) and measure up to see whether it will fit (I think they are a bit too wide)


Best wishes to all readers for Christmas and the New Year




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This thread has been a bit quiet as I have been busy house-moving and the vendor has never completed the engine change notification for the V5 as agreed and no longer answers his mobile (so I expect to have to do a V62 and get an engineers report on the new engine before it can be used). I bought yet another SUMB last week as a donor for the roof hoops but it is actually in better condition with an original V8 engine, a good V5 and good bodywork apart from some rust along one side of the body and the bottom of a door, a slight lack of brake fluid and broken windows - so I think No. 18595 may become a parts donor at least in the short term as I can get better use for the tyres and brake parts I bought on the new vehicle.




PS note to others who may get in the same situation of waiting for a vendor to send in an amended V5 - having now looked at the V62 guidance notes I find that I should have sent it and the green buyers part of the V5 if I didn't get a new V5 in 4 weeks after sale, apparently! So being patient for a year was an error.

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Not a good day. I had arranged to recover 18595 to the barn today - after great difficulty I was able to contact the garage which was working on it since I retrieved the vehicle from a smallholding near Sudbury last October. When I last saw it in January they had it in an industrial unit away from their main garage and had completed the welding and fitted the doors and windows I brought back from a SUMB being broken up at Aldershot last year. It turns out that they had done little since then (which explains their not asking me to come and see progress, and lack of any further interim bills even when requested). Furthermore it appears that the industrial unit has a new tenant and the truck has been stored outside, with spares I supplied in open topped boxes now full of water, and of the 5 tyres I supplied none are fitted and only 3 can be found (for 10.5R20 that is not a trivial loss!). No one from the garage was there to meet us, but as I had made an appointment to do it, phoned them and the new tenants were keen to help get it out of the way from their yard, we removed it anyway while I had the flatbed truck at my disposal and I will negotiate for the final bill and the missing bits later (possibly with a little help from trading standards as I believe I should have been told if it was moved out from dry storage - at least 6 months ago I was told by people from other units at that yard).


It wouldn't start - which it did when I bought it from the smallholder - and there was no one around who I could have asked why - so we had to winch it onto the flatbed and unload it straight backwards in a field near the barn where there is a slope to help as there is no way to manouvre it into the barn (needs a 90 degree turn) without power or a winch inside the barn.


At the moment I now intend to recover the parts I can use for No. 17310 and leave it under a tarpaulin until that one is roadworthy and can leave the barn - if anyone reading is interested in a SUMB as a rolling restoration I am happy to discuss the opportunity with them - I plan on recovering the good doors and windows but can offer the ones from 17310 - drivers side is OK passengers I can get welded.


The cab folded up on the way to the barn - it looks like the bolts securing it to the top of the window were not tightened after the window was replaced :(

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Near the barn and cleaned up (a bit)







Fortunately I removed the dashboard boxes for rewiring last year so they have been in dry storage!



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I now have the V5 (having submitted a V62) and am in a position where I could sell it - after today's disappointment and given that I don't have unlimited time and energy I'd rather try and get the other SUMB working first - I dont really want this one to end up decaying outside so if someone is interested in taking it once I have retrieved the parts I bought I would be happy to discuss terms. It's nowhere near as bad as some of the Matadors and Bedfords people on this forum bring back to life but I'm not sure if anyone loves the SUMB that much ? And I don't really need two of them long term !


The main issues I see with this one, in the interests of there being no surprises are:


1) V5 still says Petrol but it has a Volvo/Volkswagen D24T diesel fitted with a Volvo auto box

2) Brakes don't work - the air system was Ok last time I could start it but fluid has run dry - on all SUMBs I have worked on it was just leakage via the wheel cylinders

3) No electrics - I salvaged the dashboard boxes last year (thankfully!) and they are dry at home

4) The engine no longer starts - I would have expected a solenoid click even if the battery was quite flat, but there was nothing

5) The cab floor was cut and refitted to get the D24T in - it is further back than the V8 - and needs replacing (I have a spare panel)

6) Main fuel tank not connected still using small gravity one (and I may need the fuel tank straps for 17310)


I suspect it will be fairly easy, if time consuming, to get back to a state that is safe for off-road use; the engine change will make MoT and road licensing more of a challenge than the engineering. One of the other things I asked the garage for, but did not get, was a letter to use notifying DVLA of the change, as the previous owner had failed to keep a record of the donor vehicle.

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Hi I’m new to this forum   I’m Steve from Bedfordshire.  I’ve recently invested in a sumb which apart from the Diesel engine conversation seems original and in very good condition . This vehicle was for some years on display in a museum  so has enjoyed a life of ease and comfort ! 
The V8 had been removed and a daihatsu 2.8 turbo Diesel engine married up to the synchro gearbox  producing around 100 hp or so  I’m informed that we may be able to tune a few more horses out of the lump if needed . I’ve got a local auto electrician tidying up the wiring then we should be good to go . I’ll perhaps post some pictures sometime . Cheers Steve 

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