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Source of Figures for Numbers of WO Vehicles in 1918


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In his book, The Observer's Army Vehicles Directory to 1940, Bart Vanderveen repeatedly gives figures for the numbers of vehicles of specific makes or types in WO service in 1918. Similar figures are quoted for some of the types in Tim Gosling's new book. Does anyone know the source of these figures? They appear to come from a general survey or census of motor vehicles on hand at the end of the war, perhaps some form of stocktaking. Vanderveen refers to "WD stock figures in 1919". Are they published anywhere, in the History of the Ministry of Munitions for example?


I'd be grateful for any information.


Gordon McLaughlin


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The following are all terms of reference in the form of contemporary official publications , as with most statistics there are of course contradictions !. In various other contemporary publications there are also figures published regarding the number of vehicles in the subsidy scheme and available at August 1914, these vary considerably.

Statistics of the Military Effort of the British Empire 1914 - 1920.

America's Munitions 1917 - 1918, Motor Transport.

Supply of Munitions 1914 - 1918 Mechanical; Transport.

A.S.C. Units Second Army 1917. Pt. 3. Mechanical Transport.


Richard Perskett.

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Thanks for your reply to my question about vehicle numbers. I'm not familiar with the last two sources that you quote but I wonder if they're as specific as Vanderveen's source seems to have been. As examples of the degree of detail I mean, Vanderveen's description of the Daimler CC says, "366 in service in 1918 as well as 1818 model CB. 2561 Model Y and several other types plus 113 Daimler/LGOCs." Of the Hallford EID180, he says, "This chassis was the most numerous of 1914 - 18 Hallfords (639 out of 1638 in 1918)." This ability to quote the number of survivors by make and model argues for something more detailed and exact than the statistical tables I've looked at so far.


Do you know if either of your last two suggested sources might be available on line?


Thanks again for your help.


Gordon McLaughlin

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