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Help with antenna


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Hi All

I know this is the place to ask this question as I dont have a clue.

I have just bought a Haglands bv 202 and on the back is an antenna mount and I have identified it as the MK7 type mount and I am looking for the whip for it BUT will any type of whip fit in the mount ???

It aint got Boobs or Tracks and it dont go bang so i am lost:D


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Is it No.31 Mk 7 ? - and is there a cylindrical aluminium unit under the rubber base ? If so it was a standard VHF base for RT353 or RT351/352 sets see http://hmvf.co.uk/forumvb/showthread.php?21088-Antenna-base-query and would have been used with 2 of the standard Clansman rods (the TUUAM tuner used with these sets was designed for a 2 metre antenna).


If the cylindrical unit under the rubber is missing it was for use with an HF radio (RT321 or RT320) and would have used 3 or 4 rods.


The element NSNs are






Some sources say the middle is only used for HF 3 or 4Mt antenna, another says that the VHF 2M is made of -8455 and -8140 with 1 or 2 off -8456 as the extra elements for HF.





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