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Lucas headlight question


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Knowing the huge diversity and depth of knowledge amongst the members of this forum, I wonder if any can help with a question re. Lucas lights...


My ex-ROF Bridgewater 1961 Iron Fairy "Six" mobile crane was, according to the manufacturer's build sheet, originally fitted with two headlights, two jib lights, and one reversing light, all of which were "Lucas GLV.1145 Bulb Fitted 12V 36SE/36 watt". The original lights have long since been replaced by more modern (and plastic) replacements, and I would like to locate if possible some genuine (or replica) original type in anticipation of the day when I restore the crane.


The trouble I am having is that I cannot anywhere find any reference to a Lucas GLV.1145 light unit. Google throws up a mention of a Lucas type 1145 sidelight, which is quite different.


The IF lights are single filament units which bear a considerable similarity to "Butler" type lights, i.e., they are self contained pedestal type lights. Annoyingly I keep forgetting to measure the diameter, but I think it is either 5" or 6" (so rather smaller than a normal headlight). Some vintage tractors seem to have similar units as ploughing or implement lights.


My question is does anyone have any information about these lights that might help me find a reasonably accurate replica, or know where I might find some originals?


Many thanks in advance for any suggestions!

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