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Rest means rust....


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...and rust means bust!!!


My little old Lightweight (1972 very early s3) spends most of its life tucked up in the unit picking up surface rust, but over the last few weeks my car has been off the road (heater matrix) so I've been using it more or less daily. The results are remarkable:


The hub seals have stopped leaking;

The engine and gearbox have (mostly) stopped leaking;

The engine ticks over sweetly and consistently;

The brake lights, which I've spent years trying to fix, now work when they should and not when they shouldn't every time....


Note to self, give the old girl a good run at least once a month!

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Yep, can't un-read that.. lol jk.

It's good too have a 'running' schedule for all equipment and vehicles that don't get used regularly. We do it every other weekend, anything that hadn't been used since the last 'run day'. Start it up, let it idle for a few minutes, pull or press the throttle a few times, short drive (if applicable), let it cool down and put it away. Works way better than fuel stabilizer alone in the winter.

I have gotten some weird looks from the neighbors driving our zero-turn mower in the snow...

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