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Beaulieu Auto Jumble 2013 Finds

Ian L

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Had some good finds at Beaulieu yesterday, Very rare new/packaged Austin K5/K6 4 Litre Cylinder Head & 6 inlet valves £75, Morris C8 Steering wheel & MCC cap £20, New Trailer 'T' Plate, Nice little 15cwt screw jack & handle for my Tilly £10, Good clean almost new generator £10, plus loads of odds & sods switches etc. :-D What did you find ?






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My experience was very much like Tim's. Just bought a handful of grommets.




Grommets are common enough I know, but it is very difficult to find ones for going through thick material. The seller showed me they were "RAF ones". In fact they were a date code & the manufacturer's reference that bore no resemblance to a RAF Vocabulary Section, but there's no point in arguing when you are about to ask for a discount :-D


With 2,000 stalls to do in 6 hours the secret is to know which stalls to walk past & which to focus on. The search is always for the unexpected. In previous years I have found RUC items, interesting WO & MoA publications, Lucas & similar technical folders, latches for an early Pig, IRR paint reflectance meter, various curious electrical items.


The only near purchase was a high quality adapter kit to convert my set of Rivnut tools from metric to imperial sizes. But how often would I really use it?


I approached several ignition specialists & inquired about the inductances of their ignition coils. I just got a blank stare, except one who told me the secondary was "7,000". I got an even blanker stare when I said that I suspected he was talking "ohms" & I was talking "henries".


I liked the notice on the spark enhancer stall that read "If you have a diesel engine, go away & annoy somebody else"

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