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Land Rover TUL Wolf XD LHD

robin craig

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Dear all,


We are currently awaiting manuals, as always a time lag, in the mean time we have some issues that we would be grateful for some assistance on.


We have gone through the truck in the "as received" condition from the UK as we have learned not to trust but rather check ourselves. Anyone buying and trusting is bound to get a surprise.


Many minor issues all within our grasp, save these two:-


- The tie rod that runs behind the front axle, does anyone have a Land Rover part number please? Ours is bent.


- The radius rod (my term) that runs across the width of the vehicle and secures the front axle left and right is slowly grinding into the front diff cover, any clues why? What could have caused it to move reaward or the axle forward to make such a contact? The rod does not look damaged.


Thanks in advance



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Dear Nick,


Thank you for the reply.


We think that the axle end of the radius arm connection being the lowest point may have been pushed back during a connection with mother earth in a violent event. Hence the arm is chaffing the front casing.


Wondering if there are any reference points to measure anything from.



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I'll be under mine tomorrow if you need a dimension from some point to another.


Just a curve ball it is a normal diff and rod? I know there is special rods for the Salisbury front diff (but I think they only did that in 110 Snatches and a few others). There was also some other diff that was used at a later date, not as strong as a sals but better than the original (but not sure if the housing is different, requiring a different rod like the sals).

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The tie rod tube part number has been superceded by LR045730


Called, for amusement, our "local" Land Rover dealer 2 hours drive away who said "$103.20, no stock in North America, likely be 2 to 3 weeks or more at least via the corporate supply chain.


Rovers North who are in the upper right hand corner (state of Vermont) of the USA have one coming in a sea container this Friday and can be sent to Upper New York state by Wednesday of next week for $80 and change plus carriage. So that is the route I am headed for.



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Just to pit this one to bed.


We suffered from a classic "POST" or Previous Owner Stupid Trick.


Someone prior to our ownership, along the lines, had fitted the rod for a right hand drive truck onto our left hand drive.


We were more than fortunate that Al Duffy know as Duffy on here had his 90 in the same shop and the same mechanic was working on ours.


A comparison on his 90 which is RHD showed that his rod was the same as what was fitted to ours.


We obtained a replacement locally through the Land Rover civvy dealership system as it is a stocked item and isnt outrageously expensive when factoring in duty / exchange / air freight from the UK


Matter resolved. Truck safteid and registered and plated for the road.


Thanks to all, sorry for the delay in closing this one out




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