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Hi from The Netherlands

Mister P

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Hello everyone,


Thanks for allowing me to join. My name is Pepijn, and I've been interested in WWII since I was 5 or 6 years old (That's 17 years ago). Since 2002 I have been collecting books about WWII and since 5 years I've been interested in becoming a re-enactor/collector of WWII clothing (replica or the real deal). I'm still not a re-enactor and I haven't bought any clothing yet, due to money/time shortage and because I'm still collecting books, which I found more interesting. But now the time has come to make a first purchase (I'm especially interested in tanker clothing, British/Commonwealth and American :-)), and hopefully you guys (and girls?) can help me with that.:thumbsup: Thanks again for adding me!


Best regards,



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