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Some Plant pictures from 2012

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Was organizing my show pictures from last year and stumbled across these few pictures.


The first two are from the Historic Construction Equipment Show in Bowling Green, Ohio


First up we have an Allis Chalmers HD-7 with a Baker Dozer Blade.


hcea show 054.jpg

hcea show 056.jpg

hcea show 058.jpg


And Second is a LeTourneau Tournapul Model D4 Airborne Scraper.


hcea show 064.jpg

hcea show 060.jpg


And this last one was taken at a private collection in southern Ohio

I was tickled to death to find one of these still in existence, just goes to show you stuffs still out there.

Tractor, Crane, 2-ton, M5

The M5 crane was an International T9 crawler paired with a Trackson co. CT-9 Crane


samwerner 024.jpg

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Nice machines.


They don't really exist here any more. Any that did come over were just worked to death, resurrected, then worked into the ground again.


Same could be said for most of the 4 x 2 trucks really, but they lasted even less time,having to work on freezing, salted UK roads.

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Most of the plant that made back to the states seems to have been used for only a short time, being used as 'scabs' temporary filling the gaps left be war production, or were passed to state crews or municipalities. Then these old tired military machines were replaced quickly by the newer machines. Especially here in the Midwest, where most of the worlds heavy plant came from in those days.


I've seen a quite a bit old military plant rusting out their retirement in fields and work yards on the back roads here in Ohio.

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