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Vehicles wanted for Blitz Day at Arborfield


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I know this over 3 months away, but can anyone help out with Military vehicles for the 'Blitz Day' at the REME Museum at Arborfield, Berks on Sunday 6th October? The event starts at 11am, so you need to be there by 10:30, and it ends at 3:30pm. If you can make it, please PM me. Also, if there are any Allied Re-enactors reading this, you are also very welcome to come along.

Many thanks.

Robert Davey

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Now only 5 weeks away. I've had a few Wartime vehicles promised, but I could do with a few more. Also, if anyone could attend in British Wartime Battledress, it would help as they will have a 'Monty' to inspect the troops, and they need more troops - for this you get free Museum entry.

Please PM me if you can attend, so I can make a list.

Just to entice you along, they have promised food to people attending with a vehicle!! (A voucher you can use in the Restaurant)

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