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Oswestry Military Vehicle Show

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Many thanks to one and all who made this a great weekend despite the weather changing from a pleasant sunny Friday through to a wind a rain swept Sunday.


Great location and facilites.


Ready for 2014????

DSC02908 (800x600).jpg

DSC02912 (800x600).jpg

DSC02913 (800x600).jpg

DSC02914 (800x600).jpg

DSC02916 (800x600).jpg

DSC02924 (800x600).jpg

DSC02925 (800x600).jpg

DSC02926 (800x600).jpg

DSC02927 (800x600).jpg

DSC02928 (800x600).jpg

DSC02930 (800x600).jpg

DSC02933 (800x600).jpg

DSC02934 (800x600).jpg

DSC02935 (800x600).jpg

DSC02939 (800x600).jpg

DSC02956 (800x600).jpg

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I went on the sunday to see how many of our local lot turned up from Cheshire MVT, a few there.

Was told that it was better on the saturday but not many left on Sunday. Weather as usual was to blame!!!:-(

Had a wander, and a chat.

If anyone recognises me, I was the one with the demented (but cute!) Chocholate Labrador!:nut:

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Well what can i say but a big thankyou for all those that came along and made it be a fantastic weekend, we are meeting in a couple of weeks to set the new dates for 2014.

One member from Shropshire counted up 80 vehicles on the saturday which is very good, it seems as though this show is here to stay and will be getting bigger and better each year........again thankyou!!

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