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Towing a Land Rover Snatch on a trailer..... Help?

paul connor

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I've just bought a Land Rover Snatch and I need to collect it from Birmingham area and return to Sussex.

I cannot tow a trailer with my 110 as it has a Nato hitch, so I intend to borrow a friend V8 Discovery which has the right tow gear.

I intend to hire a 4 or 6 wheel car trailer which should carry the load without issue*


I'm just curious of a few things and I know you all will be far wiser in the ways of towing than I.


A discovery can tow 3500kg weight so I have read. I have the old car licence so I can drive upto 7.5tonnes with trailer allowance too.


Question is - can anyone confirm the exact weight of a Snatch ( Minus the window grills and radio gear)

I'm guessing if the combat weight was 3005kg it must be around 2700kg. This would make the load on the car trailer, which is 2750kg fine.


This would bring the vehicle and trailer weight to 5000kg approx, so I would still be fine on my licence.


Is this correct?


failing that, anyone want to quote for collection and delivery at a resonable rate?

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Just be careful a lot of the car transporter trailers are rated for a 2t load and weigh 600kg. Total drawbar load 2.6T. Even the big Ifor Williams builders trailers with ramps are only rated at 2.7T load as the trailer weighs 795kg and the maximum drawbar load on any ball hitch is 3.5T. having moved snatchs short distances this way i wouldn't go on main roads and take it very slowly as you are at MAXIMUM load. for any distance get a recovery operator.




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When I did my Snatch training we were told the weight was 3 ton. And it was really apparent when you wanted to use the brakes. I also remember in Iraq, my driver telling me how our Snatch didn't feal right in the corners, it was so 'odd' that as the passenger I could feal it role far to easily so I insisted he take it to the LAD, they said we were imagining it but as I insisted, a young lad would go for a drive with us to see what we were worried about. He sped off down the old runway at great speed and I could see his intension was to power around this aproaching corner so I positively warned him and he said 'agh it will be alright'. As I shouted to the guys in the back to hold on he turned the wheel and the thing rolled onto 2 wheels before he bricked it and steered it back on to all 4. He then made many comments on about the vehicle and retuned back to the LAD very slowly. It tuned out that both rear springs had somehow dislodged and was causing it to role badly. They always listened to any reports we made after that.

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