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Fox instrument panel removal


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Any Fox owners who have successfully removed the right hand instrument panel WITHOUT disconnecting the hydraulic line to the steering box? What is the trick to this or is disconnecting the line the only way to do it? With all panel screws removed the lower edge of the panel tilts out easy enough but not the top edge as the depth of the gauges/switches don't allow the top edge to slide downward any to clear the steering hydraulic line.


Thanks for any practical suggestions from those who have accomplished this.

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disconnect the pipes and bleed when finished, just dont leave the lines open too long. bleeding is best accomplished by lifting the front of the vehicle by about a foot and starting the engine then repeatedly turning the steering from lock to lock whilst someone else refills the reservoir. make sure you have a good fitting pipe on the bleed nipple and container to catch the fluid in. if it spills on the floor remove the circular hatch on the floor and wash it out or you will break your neck climbing out with oil on your feet.






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You can remove the right hand panel complete, without disconnecting the steering hydraulics.

I have had the panel out of my latest resoration twice now to fix poor electrical connections and some wrong wiring!


The two long retaining bolts at the rear only have to be slackenned and not removed. Only remove the small one at the bottom. It is then easier to remove all the plugs.


The panel can then be just squeezed between the steering column and the hydraulic pipes on the RHS. It's a bit of a fiddle but much easier than all that bleeding of the steering. It becomes easier with practice. I have now restored 6 Foxes.

I still have to remove the panel again on my current restoration as there is yet another wiring mal-function. At present I have yet to replace the prop-shaft covers and I will leave them off until all is sorted as access is much easier.


Good luck.



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Thanks for the tip. I'm on the trail of a malfunctioning temperture gauge and was thinking it was going to be eaiser to test the gauge before crawling thru the wiring all the way back to the engine.


If I get the panel out sucessfully, I'll post a picture here so others who have to deal with this have an idea how to do it.

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