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Panhard AML 60 - restoration now complete

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Congratulations on completing the restoration - it looks really great - hopefully I will find you at Beltring this year





Sure - it should be there, and you can help me get all the radio kit working as I don't have a clue - its a simple DY88 and GRC9 - but don't want to electrocute myself by not wiring the antennae up correctly! Oh and there's the internal intercom as well!


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No problem I'll read up on the GRC-9 (my knowledge is more the TR-PP-13 / PRC-77 type French radios and UK Clansman) and bring some test kit and manuals. Do you have any ID on the intercom boxes so I can research them ?


Ideally I'd want to power up the GRC-9 on the bench first to wind up the HT in stages rather than hit it with full output of the dynamotor from the start - some components do need to be "re formed" gently after an extended period of storage to avoid expensive noises and smells ... you may want to find someone locally who can help with that in advance of W&P ?





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