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Bill Pertwee R.I.P


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An extremely nice gentleman indeed and always a perfect gent whenever I met him.


I met up with Penny Croft today, the eldest daughter of David Croft (Dad's Army / Allo-Allo / Ain't alf Hot Mum producer and co-creator) who told me that she was sitting with Bill the day before he died at an evening meeting of the DAAS (Dads Army Appreciation Society) in Thetford and they both went outside the hotel for a cigarette and Bill was on top form for his age. She said that he died out of the blue and did not suffer a lingering illness and that was indeed the way to go when you have to!


Bill always had time for his many fans and was especially appreciative of all the children who would ask for his autograph and shout "put that light out" when they met him. He opened a new development of retirement homes in Marlborough in 1989 and I managed to persuade my science teacher at the time to let me off his lesson as I wanted to go down and meet him and it was during school time. The agreement was that my teacher would let me go in exchange for Bill's autograph as he was also a big Dads Army fan. When I told Bill Pertwee this fact at the opening, whilst requesting a second autograph for my teacher, he thought it hilarious and asked me what the state of British education was really coming to!


A sad loss and a much admired actor.


Penny also told me today that Ian Lavender who played Private Pike is not enjoying very good health. Its very sad to see these guys growing old, when they remain forever etched on our brains as the jubilant characters they once portrayed.

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