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349 battery charger vehicle fitment.

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There is an adaptor for the 349 which is VERY easy to use. It's basically. an empty battery cassette for the 349. with a lead soldered to to the two power terminals inside it. The other end of the lead has a two pin plug which goes in the inspection socket on the dash of most Military vehicles to work the set. easy! I might be wrong, but I don't THINK there is an in use battery charger for vehicles for the 349?...I believe they were kept going by replacing XXX batteries inside the cassettes. Or the rechargeable versions were done in a multi tray charging unit on a base set setup. Or possibly a multicharger unit in a bigger vehicle. Or in the field from a genny setup?....Not an expert on Clansman, but have used it a bit in Service. You COULD make up the lead adaptor I mentioned yourself. Very easily from an empty cassette, a section of 2 core electrical wire. & a lucas inspection socket plug!

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The "correct" way to do it is the 6 way 349 battery slow charger plate powered from a 12V (GS Vehicles) or 24V (FFR and heavy vehicles) DCCU - normally in a FFR the DCCU was fitted to the dexion above the bulkhead and the charger plate fitted to the bench. I think you could mount the 349 slow charger plate on the dexion as the batteries are secured to it while charging.


Photos to follow later ...





73 de G0OZS

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I'm not sure it is necessarily how it was done (I don't have a military background) but the 6-battery slow charger for the 349 could easily have been mounted alongside the DCCU in this photo elsewhere on the forum:




The charger itself can be seen at




Alternatively you could (rather excessively for just a 349) mount an IBMS smart charger with the combined 349/350/351 battery charging plate on top as seen in this photo




Hope this helps



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Normally the 349 slow charger is mounted on the radio table or on top of the vehicles 353 radios in pairs so 12 batteries can be charged off one dexion mounted DCCU. in this location they use the standard mounting plates used to stack radios. if mounted on the dexion they are bolted straight on with rubber washers between the dexion and unit.






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