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yet another Nash Quad for sale

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Runflat put me on to this one. Coming up for sale in a French auction (one of only three in France, hmmm, they got that bit wrong then). Heavily messed about with but looks to be mostly there. The compressor on the back is a post war addition.





















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The compressor and drive pulleys on the back are not recent either. May be into the early 1920's. The whole unit would make an interesting display in itself, and mounted as it is, a greater attraction in my books.

So many restorations are finished as an empty truck, with a highly painted or stained deck timbers as if it was never designed to carry a load. To see a vehicle as it would be used in a specialist role is appealing.


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That is a well known one. Interesting to see that it has the truck trailer. These are quite rare, although I know of one in the UK. Asking price on that one is 36,000. Inflation seems to have taken hold in France.




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I think you will find the vehicle on offer is a Jeffery-Quad rather than a Nash-Quad, the radiator and wheels are a Jeffery as is the Buda TM3 engine fitted. There should be a serial number on a brass plate on the front cross member below the radiator. When I bought my Quad back in 1979 it was very fortunate that this plate was still attached and enabled me to positively identify the vehicle year etc. Nash bought out the Thomas B. Jefferey company in July 1916.

Richard Peskett.

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