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24 (28) volt petrol generator


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I'm after a 24 petrol generator, the sort of thing that sits on the wings/wheel arch of a Ferret or in my case Saracen. Any idea what name these go by and where I might get one? I also have the option of getting a Kohler Countryman generator - I guess this is far to big and heavy to go on the wings, but are they any good? and does anyone have a photo of one?

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Thanks, were there two models, 12 and 24 volts? I'm guessing they weren't a regulated output so are they OK for battery charging? I've looked in the obvious places but nothing for sale.


The one seen postwar used by British Army is as Adrian said, made by BSA, but it was the WW2 Canadian one which were officially Chorehorses. The BSA came in two versions, a 15 volt and a 30 volt and were known as the 300watt charging set.

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