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Saladin transfer box



Between the transfer box and the centre bevel boxes are two "oil seal ring nuts" that are supposed to be "released" to bring the oil seal away from the bevel box, to allow removal of the transfer box. I've been hitting those nuts around clockwise, ie screwing into the transfer box, and think the gap on the outside of the nut has increased but it might be the same and just previously full of dirt. Anyway, if I poke a bit of paper through the gap it hits something underneath (shaft, oil seal, can't tell) so I'm worried that I've been hitting the nut the wrong way and perhaps should be UNscrewing it from the transfer box?

Oil seal nut.JPG

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Eureka! Tried to remove engine and it jammed after moving forward about two inches. Long story short, the oil seal is threaded into the nut, which just spins aimlessly, so if you turn the nut clockwise (facing from outside towards the transfer box) the oil seal actually moves out against the bevel box. So to "release" the oil seal, you actually need to turn it in the opposite direction, i.e. anticlockwise (again, facing the transfer box). Bit counterintuitive but one more problem solved! Similarly, to tighten the oil seal if/when the engine goes back in, the nut needs to be turned clockwise, not the opposite as I thought.

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