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Autocar U-7144T tire question versus F1Atrailer tires

Goncalo Mendes

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In this photos, a Autocar U-7144T is towing with the 5th wheell, a F1A Fuel trailer.



source: http://hmvf.co.uk/forumvb/showthread.php?3672-Some-real-USAAF-heavy-weight-vehicles!!/page8



source: http://hmvf.co.uk/forumvb/showthread.php?3672-Some-real-USAAF-heavy-weight-vehicles!!/page16



source: http://foro.aacvm.com.ar/viewtopic.php?t=313&sid=0d129a82087ca241d38f17dcf139d637


A Federal too!


source: http://hmvf.co.uk/forumvb/showthread.php?3672-Some-real-USAAF-heavy-weight-vehicles!!/page23



As the Autocar and the Federal usually have 9x20 tires, and the trailer had 10x22 tires, this combination "works", or ir possible that the Autocar must have bigger tires , like 10x20 or 11x20 , or the trailer would use a smaller size, like the 9x20 or 10x20 or 11x20 also?



source: http://www.modellismopiu.it/modules/newbb_plus/viewtopic.php?mode=viewtopic&topic_id=103596&forum=4&start=20&viewmode=flat&order=0


For this trailer, the usual tractor were the Reo 28xs/Federal 605/Biederman F1, with 11x20 tires. I have seen at last 2 examples of this trailer's being pulled by a M425/M426, the M426 the most obvious suspect has it have 11x20 tires also.





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Photos 2 and 3 show a 8144T which has 11.00 x 20 tyres.


All the wartime photos I have seen of 7144T and F-1A trailer combination are 9.00 x 20 on the Autocar and 10.00 x 22 on the trailer (as 1st and last photos).


Hello NOS,


Many thanks for your replay and help: I had seen the 8144, but somehow I forgot the bigger tires. In the photos I had seen it's difficult to see a a "real" diference between tire sizes. At least I noticed that on the 8144, it appear that the tire top is higher than the truck frame. In 7144 it is more or less aligned with it instead.

Question solved! :-)


By the way, this use was rare, or it was a "normal", when no Federal/Reo/Biederman/Corbitt was available? I thought that they where in dedicated "pairs", so why the use with U-7144/8144 and M-525/526?



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There are many other photo's of Autocar tractor units pulling the 4000 gallon bowser on 8th bases. I seem to remember Mount Farm ,7FG being on and that there is a colour picture somewhere. When I get a spare minute I will try and dig out some photos. Martlesham also used them!

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Goncalo - most of mine are from the fold3 website so I shouldn't really post them here. If you go to the fold 3 site and search for refuelling under European theatre in the USAAF group you should find them.


Also look at the 100th BG website - there are a coupe on there.




(Hi Paul :-)) (Send those photos over!!!!!)

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