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Hi all!


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my name is Patrick Dorrington and I'm 17 and I live in Germany (near to Frankfurt). Sadly I'm not able to own a military vehicle, but its one of my plans for the future. I thought I should join the forum because there a lot of kind people with the same interests here, and maybe someone here know something about a club in my area.


greetings, Patrick


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Hi Andy,


thanks for your reply. I am acctally not sure, but I think a M3\M5\M16 would be quit nice for a start, or a BTR-60 or maby even MTLB.


But it stil has some time to think about it. ;-)


But whats really sad is that there are no clubs or museums in my area, as I allready said, so I can't really do a lot.





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Welcome Clay and good to see that you are not ambitious when it comes to the vehicles you want to own :D



:-D just thinking that, myself,.....................hehehehe, still, aim high,........ :whistle:

theres a fair amount of informative folk on here, Patrick, and its a friendly place, to be, any questions, etc,.........ask away. ;-)


All the best,


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Hi Joris, nice to say that I'm welcome here, just as I thought. :-)


There arn't a lot of Russian apcs out there, only T34 and T55, but I haven't seen any apcs. I heard that they are quite cheap and you can get them in a quite good stat. Or am I totally wrong?


Would be interesting to know.


Thanks, Clay

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