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Well, not Porter, or you would have said, but within a few years of 1797 then.


I'm going to leave the alcoholic variations to others, happy to be around half a century out.:blush:


Porter? I had to look that one up, so that's that's not what is blanked out I'm afraid.


1797 is the date of the original Regulations that these amended so this was 1807. In fact it is from the same book as the washer women rather filly really as thefe muft have taken fome time to write af you get towards the back of the book it all becomes simpler with normal speech :D

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Surely Clive has a wide top step podium especially for situations like this Degsy, call it a tie.. ty.. tye..???



That's very generous Bernard. I did award Degsy the peuce lettering as well in recognition for it being an independent & near simultaneous answer. So you both did well although it was in the intro to MO 148 that had singled you both out (yes I know that's a contradiction) as being highly eligible for the non wireless objects.

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