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Mercedes Unimog required for air show display.


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If any camouflaged or olive green Unimog owners, ideally a 406 model, want a free air show in the Midlands, please pm me.


The purpose is to represent an RAF Unimog that in its day was used as a tug for Harrier aircraft. This is a large public display that is inclusive of many RAF and Army elements including Harrier and Jaguar aircraft. A Unimog is the only missing part although I could also use some Bedford MK with tilts as the MoD has now disposed of them all.


Sunday 9th June 2013 @ RAF Cosford. WV7 3EX

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I may be able to use Land Rovers if still in their military colours. I will see how the display falls into place and let you know closer to the time. Thank you for asking. A LWB hard or soft top owner who also has one of the tents designed to bolt onto the back may be a useful addition, for that could be an Ops room/ COs vehicle.

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Andrew Brown (Airpirtable on here) is my mate with the airportable,he does a nice op display. we have a small informal group on facebook, check us out https://www.facebook.com/groups/165671886849465/ to see our vehicles and displays, look under pictures to see what we can do.


Hope this helps



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