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  1. They look like P51 Mustang tyres and several styles of alloy wheels were used in the day. Either way I would say USAF rather than RAF which tended to stick to one style of wheel.
  2. RAF Cosford Air Show West Midlands WV7 3EX Sun 9th June 2013 http://www.cosfordairshow.co.uk Some MV required to embellish ground displays. Namely: Bedford MK flatbed & tilt. Bedford RL -"- Unimog 406 sideboards Fwd Control ambulance. Land Rover series III with tent attached. RAF Mountain Rescue vehicles. All must be camouflaged or olive green. No fees. Up to 50,000 visitors. Participation by invitation only, applicants accepted. Flat bed trucks to suport 3.5 tonne ATREL box bodies 6-10 June.
  3. Cheers guys, I hope to meet some of you on the show scene in 2013. Merry Christmas.
  4. I may be able to use Land Rovers if still in their military colours. I will see how the display falls into place and let you know closer to the time. Thank you for asking. A LWB hard or soft top owner who also has one of the tents designed to bolt onto the back may be a useful addition, for that could be an Ops room/ COs vehicle.
  5. Chasmq

    RAF Cosford

    The Cottesmore GR3 went to the Air Traffic Control centre down south (Swanick - sp?) as gate guardian. The Harrier in these photos will be part of a large ground display that is inclusive of military vehicles at the 2013 Cosford 75th Anniversary Air Show. .....and I need some Bedford MKs and a Unimog to complete the set piece.
  6. G'day, The name is Chas and I was raised in Land Rovers. I have an LGV II having experience on MK & Leyland Daf 4x4 trucks courtesy of the RAF. Would love a Haflinger or Pinz hard top but cannot really justify the expense when I already have two wheeled toys to play with. Chas
  7. If any camouflaged or olive green Unimog owners, ideally a 406 model, want a free air show in the Midlands, please pm me. The purpose is to represent an RAF Unimog that in its day was used as a tug for Harrier aircraft. This is a large public display that is inclusive of many RAF and Army elements including Harrier and Jaguar aircraft. A Unimog is the only missing part although I could also use some Bedford MK with tilts as the MoD has now disposed of them all. Sunday 9th June 2013 @ RAF Cosford. WV7 3EX
  8. At RAF Cosford Air Show, Sun 9th June 13 there is an opportunity for specific military vehicles to compliment a Cold War ground display. This is a perfect opportunity to have your vehicles included within a set piece display and includes Harrier and Jaguar aircraft in appropriate settings. If you have a camouflaged Bedford MK or RL flatbed lorry that can support a box container in a static display or a field ambulance or former RAF fire tender, I would be interested in hearing from you. A 'dispatch rider on an Armstrong - Harley Davidson' would have a role to play. Cosford post code is WV7 3EX. Overnight camping is possible on the saturday night and up to 50,000 visitors are expected on the sunday. Email operations@cosfordairshow.co.uk AFV have never been included before and I think that this could be a good addition to the military vehicle calendar but space is limited and we cannot open to offer to all AFV owners.
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