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Drag Ropes

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Yes this type of drag rope is near impossible to find, When I restored my L5 I wanted to find the full CES for it but could find virtualy nothing in the UK so after contacting of few of my fellow big gun collectors half way around the world I secured a deal and imported everything I wanted including a set of No11 Mk3 drag ropes.


Now the first problem is where the hell I have put them ! I will investigate.................................



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If you just end up with a length of suitable rope & a set of hooks......& want to produce accurate replicas.......the ends will require splicing properly. I still have my REME recovery training precis from 1972 which shows you how to do it.


Happy to scan pages if you want to give it a go.


Cordage was quite easy (& interesting)...doing same with steel wire rope was somewhat trickier mind you.


Best regs.......H

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