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Jeep Salad!


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I could not go for too long without a jeep! so i bought one from France a few weeks back that i plan to have on the road for the spring.


it was a write off out of the french military some years ago i think, and was sat in a dealers shed in france until we dug it out last month.


on first inspection i thought it was just a standard M201 but a closer look has revealed it to be a 1945 Willys Chassis rebuilt in the 70's to 24 volt M201 standard but it has retained many original parts like transmission, steering box, pedals. glovebox etc. it has no Hotchkiss/army serial numbers or registration numbers on the chassis but does have a MALT no. the original Willys Serial number has been stamped on the chassis rail in the same font as the M-O on the bumper gusset and it has kept the original serial number and model on the glovebox plate, Willys MB 444158 24volt.


the major components are from all over the place! all over France and even Germany! so it truly is a salad of Jeeps!


My Plan is to do a quick tidy up and just have a green jeep, nothing specific. i am going to modernise a few aspects of it by having 12 volts electrics with alternator, modern hi torque starter motor, brand new electronic distributor and an Aluminium radiator to start with :-)








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well its up and running again, gave the engine a quick rebuild to do the valve seats and oil seals and done a small amount of welding on the body top hats and threw it back it all together. fitted a new Ally Radiator, hi torque starter and a new electronic distributor to help it on its way. took it for drive around the farm this morning and its drives very nicely:D





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