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Scrapyard Spartan.......spotted


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ok, so I went to my local scrap yard in Kent today, and was gobsmacked to spot a Spartan ready to be cut up. It was in white, is that IFOR colours? I am not an expert in post war armour and so if this does not turn out to be a Spartan please forgive me, but its a tracked wedge shaped British Armoured Vehicle and it will be cut up if you dont move quickly. PM me for details. Andrew

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Sadly this is not that uncommon - see Chris (sirhcs) youtube clip from a few years back of scrapyard cvrts. There are a reasonable number of them on the private market in good nick so unless somebody wants a cheap project I suspect this vehicle is doomed! But would be very happy if somebody wants to prove me wrong. Oh, and I have plenty of J60's at very reasonable prices if you need one!




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