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British Scout carrier


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I have just imported Scout carrier RMY 683, T5329 from Australia. It's a bit of a mystery how it got to be in OZ as the Aussies were never issued with any Scout carriers, the best guess is that it served in North Africa with the British and was later adopted by the Aussies and taken back home. I have two period pictures of it in a bond drive in Perth but I'm very keen to try and track down what happened after it was made by Aveling Barford and before it arrived in Perth.


Clues are a little thin on the ground but there is a shot showing Scout RMY 681 at fort capuzzo, does the closeness of the reg numbers give any clue to them serving together?

The reg and "T" numbers I'm 100% sure of, as the brass makers plate is still present as is the painted reg number on the lower armour.

It looks to have been painted KG3 first with various sand colours on top of that.


Any help you can give would be wonderful, I'm also looking for any manuals, drawings, period photos of Bren and Scouts to help in the restoration if any of you have any leads. Any help much appreciated. I can post pictures if they're of interest?


Thanks in advance



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Hello Ben,

Nice to see you over from MLU, post some of your photos. It will be good to see a Scout Carrier restored to running condition. What year was it manufactured? I am interested as to what version of Flathead V8 it would have had, or indeed still has today.

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It was built in 1939, I've got the contract card from Bovington which shows it was delivered on 14/7/39.


I think the engine that came with it is the original one, it has the early style water pumps in the heads. More homework need.


I've attached some photos, one just after it came off the truck before i unpacked all the bits and bobs, then two period shots that show the actual carrier during the bond drive in Perth (1942) the last is the original reg number found after carefully rubbing off the top layers of paint.







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I've already spoken to a few people about keeping the original reg number, I quite like the sound of laquering over the top then painting the vehicle and applying the reg as original but over the protective laquer. That way the original detail will be preserved. It looks a little better in the photos than it does in the flesh, I think trying to use it as is, it might look a Little tired.......



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