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Royal Artillery Arm of Service Squares


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I have a WW2 radar trailer which has a post-war Royal Artillery arm of service square

(red over blue) with a 45 on it. This identifies it as a radar location battery. Does anyone know if this number was also used wartime, most order of battle lists miss this number out of the 42-47 number range. There are two references to it being a 'spare number' from "15 Army Group, July 1943" and for 'medium regiments' from "1st Army, Dec 1942".

Could it be that the secret nature of gun-laying radrar prevented it from being identified in order of battle lists ?

My trailer also has the 53rd (Welsh) Infantry Division insignia along side it, can anyone identify this battery from the 1950's ?

I would be very interested in any known WW2 vehicle markings for a radar battery.



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My understanding is that red over blue like that is RA RHQ, (batteries are blue with a red square 1/4 the size of the badge in any of the four corners) Any tac signs for the RA were a letter or two & if "2" was used identified a second in command.


Postwar "45" indicates Div Loc Bty for a TA unit

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