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Landrover 109 Oils

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My partners brother, he's 74, has bought his first military vehicle, a Landrover 109. He had a minor leak from the transfer case and had it repaired with new seal. He was advised that they had refilled the transfer case with ATF. This struck me as odd, I have a Bedford and Volvo so have no knowlwdge of LR boxes. Reading other threads there appears to be a concensus that the main box has ATF and the Transfer case is likely to have 80/90's.

The LR has a 2.5 N/a diesel and a 5 speed box, locking centre diff. Can anyone advise what should be used. I can then get him to confirm what was fitted, before damage may be done.

If more info on the boxes is needed I will try to obtain.


Many thanks

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Well, bit of a can of worms here.....


If its an old 4-speed 109, its EP90 Gear Oil in all but the engine!!


If its a 5-Speed LT77 with the LT230 transfer box, it depends on the application.


Generally the older 2.5 Diesel turbo or N/A 5-speeds were ATF Gearbox and EP90 TX Box.

The 2.5 Petrol with 5-speeds were ATF Gearbox/ATF TX Box.

The V8 5-speeds were ATF in Gearbox/TX Box

The old V8 4-speed LT95 was EP90 Gearbox/TX Box

The TDi's in 200 or 300 form with either the LT77 or R380 are ATF in Gearbox/TX Box

NB, for completeness - Borg Warner NV225 Viscous TX box on rangies ATF ONLY!!


So, if the box is in good condition it doesn't really matter. I have run both versions to high mileages, averaging 26k per year and had no problems.

One argument in favour of the ATF is that the lubrication-starved output shaft/input gear gets more lubrication. I have done a couple of mainshafts in LT77s at about the 140k point.

My daily driver RRC is ATF Auto with ATF TX, on its original autobox, output stub and input gear and we're at 240k and going strong!


I would suggest, if its an original old diesel 110, it would be EP90 in the TX box. I wouldn't lose sleep over it but if it worries him, drop the ATF and fill with EP90.


My tuppenceworth anyway...



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