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As this is a tropical No.1/2 dress OA jacket, usually worn for best, it would be brass RAF buttons that were removable for cleaning (having small brass split-rings to secure them, same type as used on denim BD buttons)........


I note the jacket is dated 1955, so by that time Queen's Crown buttons would be in service, BUT it was very, very common for stocks of brass wartime King's Crown buttons to remain in use right up to the 1960s........


You need to source the large size buttons for the front and the medium size for the pockets......they should be rather easy to source, although trying to get a matching set (they do vary) will be more of a challenge......:-D


The belt buckle, in brass with prongs, should also be removable and not hard to source....you can probably rob one off many other similar belts.......

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how many small and how many big brass buttons do you want mate ?

do you want kings or queens crown(have both)........

is the belt sewn on the back ? might have one ............


Hi mate, 8 large brass kings crown and 4 med/small brass kings crown please. The belt is sown at back, so need 2 buckles as well.


Let me know how much please?





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