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Help required: Dodge M37 Tow hitch


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Evening all


I need some help in regards to the tow hitch on my Dodge M37. A kind chap from the http://www.g741.org/ forum gave me a full tow hitch and mount but made me aware the thread (or the nut) on the items below was knackered.


Basically the nut wont go onto the thread.


So can anyone suggest a company who can help or even a member that can help? happy to pay of course in cash, beers or favours.


Any help much appreciated.





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I agree on the thread file, but I think I'd be finding out the thread size and just buying a die nut on e-bay. Another neat item is a UN thread pitch gauge, as there are several variations on the number of threads per inch around the 1" diameter


Yes, I know you'll only ever use it once, but even the big ones aren't that expensive. Got a wooden box in the shed with all sorts of odd UN threads, including die nuts and taps for the LH wheel studs and nuts. Money well spent :angel:

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