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Ferret Wilson preselector transmission overhaul


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Hi again. Winter overhaul and restoration season has begun for me. I've pulled the transmission and I can't quite recall but I think I've read the brake bands can be changed without dismantleing the entire transfercase and differential? Can anyone confirm this? This vehicle had an overhaul in the 80S and everything feals tight. Sadly it was used in movies and the operator must have used the change pedal as a clutch and worn out the brake bands. If it's possible I'dlike to just pull the planetaries and replace the bands. None of the manuals I have specify anything less than a complete teardown?

Cheers, Drew

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I cant exactly answer as my memory even from last winter when I did mine is already hazy.


As far as I can remember you likely could but here was my thought process, why not do the whole thing and start again from a known baseline?



I reall want a reliable vehicle so it all came apart. It is a bit of a daunting process.



I think that the T case side could be left in but there is a seal between the gearbox and T case and you might as well take it apart as you are cheapening the job IMHO.



Here is mine coming apart, not that the differential assembly has been removed as per the manual.




Ferret gearbox brake drums out.jpg

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I prefer the reliability centered maintenance approach. Otherwise I'd strip the ferret down to the last bolt, which isn't nescessary, and no, the task doesn't daunt me at all. It's about cost vs nescessity and time. There is a manual stateing differential splitting isn't nescessary (somewhere, wish I could find it now or I wouldn't have decided to post) and everything at this point shows the meshing and preloading is fine. Even a perfect appearing gear or shaft can have an invisible fracture that will fail in the future that can only be seen with dye tests, and I'm not about to go to that expense either. Breakdown is a risk with older vehicles and the beast know as metal fatigue can bite anywhere IMHO.

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