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Comms body side attaching flap wanted.


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Still looking for a flap from a radio comms body like the one in the picture below.

I have two penthouse tent frames (one either side0 and all canvas but no attaching flap either side.

If anyone can help, i'd be grateful.







Many thanks, Neil.

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I know I have one of the flaps - possibly two.


You can have them for gratis as a forum member gave them to me a few years back.


He gave me a complete set of covers for the Brockhouse trailer penthouse but I never obtained a set of poles to complete it.


You'll have to collect so where abouts are you.



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Not sure my PMs are working properly lately but if they aren't, many thanks for your reply.

We are only in Charlton, near Greenwich so about half an hours drive from you.

If you do have any flaps, it would complete the vehicle and make our day as we will plan to use both penthouses at next years Beltring and detling and plan to waterproof them over the winter.

Many thanks again and if the PM didn't get through, please PM me and i'll reply or PM with email.

Neil & Tracey

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Thats us Andy, right on the platform at Charlton.

Were you camped right behind us?

Being terrible with names plus the fact we were towed more than a couple of times, Its nice to put faces to names.

Thanks ever so much for helping us at W&P.....we didnt have a very good time of it with a 4X2 truck.

We will have a trade stall next year so there'll be a cold beer in the fridge for you in thanks.

It took me a day to get all the mud out from underneath!

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Forget the previous question about where you were camped as ive just looked at your profile pic and you two were true saviours and youre right....there at the start and the end for us.

cheers mate.

Since W&P, I always wondered if Dave ever got a picture or video of us flooring the old girl through the mud to get out. The reason I ask is that it must have looked quite funny and if he had a picture, we'd love a copy.

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