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Humber pig apc


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Hello everybody,A friend has come across a HUMBER PIG in Texas,America.It is in a pretty bad state but it still has Felix (EOD) stickers on it.The problem is the number plate reads YF 0864 which is not correct.Does anybody have ideas where we can get vehicle records from and would the chasis number be what we are looking for to pursue that.Thanks for any help,Jasper.

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Jasper on the pictures I have of it, the previous owner has illegally spaced the registration as YF O8 64 which in the UK should be displayed YFO 864. This is the civilian registration.


I think you will find the chassis plate for this reads 32396. You will find the plate when you look at the vertical face of the chassis when you look at the passenger's side. With your head in front of the front wheel & the wing & barricade ram on the left of your head. The plate is 6in long x 3in high.


It should show the military registration as 23 BK 96.

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fv 1609,thank you very much for the information you have provided.The only picture I have seen is one of it parked up outside a gun club in Texas USA.Sadly it has started to rust and is looking quite neglected.The chap who stumbled accross it is an ex Army bomb disposal officer.As it still has Felix stickers on it we assume it was last used by one of our bomb disposal units in Northern Ireland.We will now be looking through our section photos to see if we can see where it was actually used.Once again many thanks,Jasper.

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