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Chieftain pack change question.


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Does anyone have any experience with changing Chieftain packs?


I need to know rough weight and dimensions, also what minimum reach & height would be required of a crane...?


Also how easy would it be to remove/install engine & gearbox separately rather than as a pack (to reduce the weight)?


Thanks in advance :-)

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Hi Mike


Haven't done an engine change on a Chieftain since the early 80s...and then it was on a Chieftain Bridgelayer...but we never did the engine and gearbox together.


We used the hydraulic arm of a 434...but it was at full stretch


To give a good idea of how high you will need to reach, measure from the belly to the top of the engine covers...then add maybe a foot to be safe


Engine and Gearbox are fairly straight forward to separate..once you have the exhaust box off







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That's right. I'm keeping the ball rolling 'til he's up and about again. Are you the person with details of the 'special' storage location? If so, could you email me details on tootallmike at hotmail.com. Could you also let me have Paul M's contact details as I have some info. about 50 cal's for him?



As you may infer from the above, we don't actually have it yet. I'm just trying to work out whether my truck will have adequate reach and lift or if something bigger will be required. I'd prefer not to have to buy yet another vehicle just to service something else! From what you say it looks as though the engine and 'box can be dealt with separately so weight won't be an issue, just reach.


- Mike



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