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is this awning military? Info needed


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Can anyone tell me if the side awning for my 1956 Fordson thames ET6 Civil Defence Corps Operations vehicle is standard military or would you say it was made specifically for these Home office vehicles?

I mustered up the enthusiasm to see what parts came with the vehicle as i've only had it about 8 weeks and both (one either side) awnings are there but i'm missing the narrow part that attaches the roof to the vehicle.

I can only guess that it was a slim piece the length of the vehicle with many hooks for the eyelets.

In the picture, you can see the brass eyelets of the roof but there's nothing on the vehicle to attach them to.

I desperately want to make the awnings intact as there don't seem to be any photos or any information on the complete kit with side 'rooms'.



Truck side tent.jpeg.JPG




Also, there seem to be a fair few of these dumped around the country (according to Flickr etc), so if anybody has seen one on their travels, would you be kind enough to drop me a line (there may even be the missing awning part stowed in the rear locker of one).

Many thanks for your help.



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I have one of these awnings brand new (well unused from that time period) but without the frame. I would love to either make the frame up from an original if I can get sizes or else sell it to someone who needs a canvas.



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That sounds like a plan.

Do you have the part that connects to the vehicle?

If you do, i could have had it replicated and also given you dimensions of the frame.

I have a frame for both sides all intact and both awnings but just not the section that permanently fixes to the body.

I dont suppose youre visiting the War & Peace Show?

if not, you are more than welcome to take the details of my frames but I have to be honest, they are a bit comprehensive to make.

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Retriever, I have looked at some of the vehicles you mentioned and clearly see what you mean and understand how it would fit onto my own vehicle.

I have an aluminium beading running the length of the body which would clamp the piece.

Many thanks for the information.

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