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anyone out there know the inside and outside width dimensions of the OT90 tracks...ie the minimimum inside width and the maximum outside width over the tracks...overall length and weight would be useful too as it seems its about 13 tons but cant confirm that...

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Thinking of joining the select few OT-90 owners then Paul???? :D:D


Can't do you the track dimensions immediately - but Mark H. (Heliops) may still have them as I sent them to him in Oct 2010 as we looked at using his DROPS to transport it - try dropping him a PM to ask - it was too narrow unfortunately.

If he hasn't got them - let me know and I'll go and measure mine again for you. (From memory it was something like 2910 mm across the tracks and 2450 between the tracks.)


The other dimensions are:

Length: 7130 mm

Width: 2940 mm

Height: 2105 mm

Weight - Empty: 12,500 Kg

Weight - Combat: 13.500 Kg

Max Speed - Road: 65 KPH (40 MPH)

Max Speed - Off Road: 45 KPH (28 MPH)

Max Speed - Water: 12 KPH (8 MPH)

Engine Size: 19,000 cc

Engine layout: V8 Quad Valve

Engine BHP: 300 BHP

Fuel Type: Diesel

Tank Capacity: 450 litres (Main) + 1 x 180 Litres + 1 x 170 Litres (Aux in rear doors)

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I have a few military vehicles, even scrap value they are into five figures, if they have even a smallish value they are worth a good deal more so madness it surely must be...and certifying such madness not far from the reality of our lot, mind you i have a load of cars and other vehicles too...so i am well gone...

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