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Clansman bits on CB

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Hi, possably a silly question but I know nothing about electrics and how they work but is it possable to make an adapter which will let you run clansman hand/headsets on CB or even better PMR radio and if so how is it done?


My thinking is that if I could make or get someone to make some adapters up our group could hide the civi radios and use military headsets to give licence free radio comms between ourselfs if we wanted it





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You can find the Clansman audio connections on my website http://www.g0ozs.org/clansman - the headset is actually stereo so connections are


1) wire left and right ear pins together and connect to speaker output of CB or PMR


2) connect microphone + to mic input of CB or PMR


3) connect PTT to PTT of CB or PMR


4) connect Microphone - and ground of headset to ground of PMR


Note that this will work only for non - ANR headgear - the ANR ones also need power at 18-24v so can't be easily adapted for use with 12v radios.


Handsets are much the same except that there aren't separate left and right earphones of course


You will need a separate in line PTT (pressil) box with the headsets - handsets have a built in PTT switch.


You will probably need to make a junction box with a 7 pin socket for the headset or handset and leads to the separate microphone and audio sockets of the CB. You may well find it cheaper to buy a used ARFAT or IBHA box on eBay and strip out the insides than buy the 7 pin socket and a waterproof box separately


Hope this helps








I am here: http://tapatalk.com/map.php?gurx0f

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