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Landrover markings


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Hi - can anybody tell me anything about the markings found under layers of paint on the rear of my 1980 L/R half ton..

it reads SCOT/ ?? there was a character after the slash but it is unreadable.. i know it served with 2 RRF, 49 (east ) Bde TA Inf Bn then the KOYY.......any ideas , thanks.

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all noted, yes to the KOYY, I served in a Yeomanry Regt (TA CAV) myself.........can't find any explanation of the SCOT/ markings tho' still puzzled....


The unit would have come under HQ Scotland and the vehicle would have carried a number like SCOT/24. If you were in the know you could then tell which unit it was. Similar to the AOS markings carried during the war (and after) but less obvious



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it reads SCOT/ ?? there was a character after the slash but it is unreadable..


If it is in white may well be one of these markings.


"The previous regulations issued in March 1975 were soon to be outmoded by the Defence Review later that year. The implications of it took a little while to filter through into new regulations. The thrust of the review was a “one Army concept” ie TAVR and Regular Units are to be treated alike including the elimination of markings that make such distinctions, together with markings that are not strictly necessary. These changes were to be completed by certain dates within the year starting 1st April 1977. Disbandments defined dates by which some signs would become obsolete anyway, notably the disbandment of the 3rd Division in the UK on 31st July 1977 and HQ 19 Airportable Brigade on 31st March 1978.


The new vehicle signs comprise two elements separated by an oblique stroke.


The first element. This consists of numbers or letters, which indicate the formation or district to which the vehicle belongs.


The second element. This consists only of numbers and will be specific to the unit that the vehicle belongs.



SW/10 is HQ Sowdist.

SE/21 is a unit in South East District not allotted to any operational formation.

2/40 is the Army Air Corps Squadron of 6th Brigade


These signs in WHITE, based on a self-adhesive clear film, are to be 27mm/96 Point in height. They are to be displayed on vehicles on the front (offside) and at the rear. The sign should be at the lowest vertical surface immediately above the bumper, where no vertical surface is available then the angled forward edge of the bonnet above the headlamps is to be used."

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