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68 Pattern Clothing


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can anyone tell me what the difference is / was between Standard Combat Trousers and Army Cadet Force trousers?


They appear the same colour and material etc but noticed the label was different?????



Also, anyone know where I can find some "fat boy" 68 trousers and a Crows (DILAC) cap?





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Not really sure, i have seen some which are cadet ones but not very often. I can only assume maybe it was not as strong or something or the task was given to a small clothing company to make some trousers for cadet use. The company was not up to making big batches for soldiers kit so the made limited numbers to suply cadets with.


Just a guess

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The ACF finally started to receive DPM during the mid-late 70s to replace the serge battledress............first to be issued were DPM trousers of a pattern specifically for cadets (ACF, CCF and RM cadets), worn with a woolly pully, KF shirt and green cadet windproof.........around 1980-ish the DPM cadet smock appeared, replacing the windproof..........this had NO top pockets plus several other odd features peculiar to this pattern.......


Early issue (70s) DPM cadet trousers are very similar to conventional 68 pattern strides, but feature only ONE cargo pocket on the left leg, no FFD pocket, a plastic fly zipper and 3 buttons either side of the waist for adjustment...........the pattern were still on issue during 86 according to my QM CG catalogue of that year........also, the ACF pattern trousers and smocks feature METRIC sizing, possibly the earliest pattern garments featuring this.......


By the late 80s though, it seems that most ACF had started wearing the (then) issue standard 84 pattern DPM kit, followed by the subsequent patterns into CS95 and the specific cadet pattern items quietly dropped........


I have a few examples of ACF trousers and smocks (70s and 80s issues)....I will dig 'em out and photo next time I'm over at the farm.............they are hard to find now, although good ol' Sabre Sales had a few odd ACF trousers and smocks buried away in the upstairs DPM room quite recently.......:D


Large size 68 pattern DPM trousers are not as common as the smocks at present, and Ebay is probably the best source......


The DPM combat cap is another hard-to-source item now in any size above a 6 & 7/8ths (55)......though they were made right up to a 7 & 3/4" (62-63)...........mind you, I saw a shed load of Size 6 & 3/4" NOS at Beltring only last year at £1 each......


I must have a fair few of these in my stash, including large sizes........but I haven't managed to find 'em yet !!!! Not a very high priority on my list of tasks at present..........

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When i joined the ACF in 1986/87 me and a few mates were issued with the brand new DPM Cadet Smock much to the horror of the other cadets who had old battered Green Windproofs.


I have an early DPM ACF smock in the older (pre 77) sateen fabric.......plus bearing manufacturers details, generally absent by the late 80s.........

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