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Thinking of buying a HMMWV and interested in owners thoughts

sas pinkie

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Well, having played with land rovers for most of adult life, I fancy embracing an aspiration I have had to own a HMMWV for some time....


I need to know first off, will it fit? could an existing owner (or some one with better surfing skills then me) tell me how wide one is, as I need to figure out if one will fit on the drive.


What are they like to live with, how easy are parts, how expensive. What wears out? How easy are tyres that fit to find? what should I be thinking about?


I really want a slant back with top mounted 50 cal, but see there is a 5 door soft top with soft doors for sale, how easy would it be to convert, how easy are the parts to find to complete the transformation and is it worth it, or should I just search for what I want in the first place?


What are they like to drive on the british roads? I have driven a left hand drive land rover without any problems, but nothing larger....


would it be easier to find one in the states and import, am I going to run into any major headaches going this route.


What are all the versions, I see mention of 1025, 998 ect ect. Whats the differences?


Any thing else that I missed that I should be thinking off?


I know its going to be a thirsty deisel beast, but just how thirsty are they?


Any help appreciated, before I go down the path of selling my wolf 110 hard top and wolf WMIK to pay for it......

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Hi sas pinkie


From memory they are seven feet one inch wide (plus mirrors).


Most mechanical parts are easy to obtain, engine common to other American vehicles, have ordered parts from Kascar in the states and they have arrived within THREE days, have waited longer than that to get parts for my Transit van!


Soft top/Cargo is the best to drive particularly in summer with no doors, Slantback best looking but very noisy to drive and poor visibility. Cargo easy to convert and slant back kits are available.


Power steering and automatic transmission make driving easy.


Importing one from the states is likely to be difficult, many sellers will not even consider it due to the laws preventing the export of military equipment.


I guess that fuel consumption is in the order of 14 to 15 per gallon, I don't do enough miles in mine to worry about it.


Had mine for 2 years and have no regrets.


If you want a ride in one to help you decide, let me know I am also in Suffolk (Near Ipswich)



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Hi "Pinkie"

I have had one in the past and still look after it on occasion. It was a 1026, light armour with winch, although the winch had been removed. The numbering is quite complex as the models changed over the years and the separate designation for winch equipped models was discontinued, a bit of browsing should get you up to speed.

Personally I would get the model you want initially if you can as the parts to convert can get expensive. I converted from a light armoured (slant back) with a straight swap for all the parts required for a four door soft top with the rear cover extension. It included a windscreen assembly and tailgate and a lot of other parts, its not as simple as it may seem but at least it is simple to do once you have all the parts.

I much prefer the truck without the weight of the tin box as it is by far a better drive. If you are used to old landies then the weather protection is a bit like an old series landie with water and wind coming from all around you.

The later radial tyres are better for road use but the old bias ply (as long as there is plenty of tread) are better off road. Other things to improve it are later (A2) seats and mirrors and soundproofing!

The early versions have much the same engine and gearbox as the M1008 series of pickups but with permanent 4x4 and excellent suspension.

Easy to drive and brilliant off road but beware the width on narrow roads!



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